Printed and eco-responsible acoustic panels

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Printed and eco-responsible acoustic panels


Here is a new example of one of our acoustic realizations. Our client wanted to improve the acoustics of his bedroom. To do so, he turned to our customizable and eco-responsible printed acoustic panels.


A bedroom with catastrophic acoustics

Our client called us to solve an important acoustic problem. His bedroom was generating a lot of echoes which bothered him in many circumstances.

Aware of the problem, he started looking for a solution. After some research, he turned to our company. Our expertise and the various tests of the specialized press decided him in this choice.

He thus contacted us with his specifications. He wanted high-performance and efficient acoustic products! So we proposed him different solutions to find the best compromise.


The choice of customizable printed acoustic panels

Not wanting to taint the decoration of his bedroom, our client turned to our printed and customizable MUTUM panels.

He asked us for advice on how to customize his acoustic panels for the home. We advised him to stay in blue shades to keep in tune with his interior. So, he went on very nice prints with the image of a city, probably Santorini, and a person with a big hat, similar to rice growing.

Very satisfied with his choice and our advice, he was looking forward to receiving the panels. They arrived three weeks later.


Eco-responsible panels with remarkable performance

Concerned about ecology, our customer was very satisfied with our concept. Indeed, in addition to the decorative side, our printed panels are made of recycled and recyclable materials. Products that are totally derived from the circular economy. A real revolution in the field of acoustics!

Acoustic performances have lived up to expectations. The RT 60 has been significantly lowered. The panels were able to greatly reduce the echo.

Our customer was very satisfied with the print quality. The visual appearance seemed to him to be truer than life!

This beautiful project satisfied all parties. Our client informed us that he had other projects. Therefore, he may contact us later to deal with other parts. It is, in any case, a project that he entrusted us with.


Panneaux acoustiques imprimes écoresponsables dans une chambre