Acoustic painting : wall art panels and sound absorbing

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Acoustic painting : wall art panels and sound absorbing

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Most acoustic panels today are not very decorative. Often thick, with a solid color and unattractive finishes, the decorative aspect is often an obstacle to purchasing. At PYT Audio, we have remedied the problem by creating a customizable and ecological acoustic painting.

Wall art panels and sound absorbing

Our customizable “Mutum eco” acoustic panel is available for individuals and professionals. It meets fire standards.

It is therefore suitable for any type of environment: home, home cinema, restaurant, offices and open space, …

This panel stands out for its high performance and very high print quality that you can customize as you wish.

Its 3 centimeters thick makes it a very discreet and easily integrated acoustic panel. Its fixing system is also an asset: it is very simple to install.

Beyond these aspects, this acoustic panel contains only recycled and recyclable materials sourced from local producers.

Acoustic painting : wall art panels and sound absorbing

Why choose an acoustic painting ?

An acoustic painting is an good investment because it allows:

  1. To take care of health
  2. To be more focused
  3. Make the most of your music or home theater
  4. To decorate your room
  5. To satisfy its customers

To take care of his health

Numerous studies have shown that noise causes many health and mood problems:

  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Hearing loss
  • Cardiovascular and sleep disorders

In a professional environment, it promotes burn-out and turnover. It also creates communication problems. Likewise, 70% of employees experience headaches and sleep disturbances in reason of noise.

Better acoustics will therefore allow you to be less tired and take care of your health and that of your loved ones and / or your employees.

To be more focused

Good acoustics will also allow you to be more focused and efficient in learning.

This is particularly the finding of researchers like Banbury, Berry, or Gonzalez. The latter demonstrates in particular that it takes 20 minutes to refocus after a sound interruption. Banbury and Berry have shown that cognitive performance can drop by 66% when we have exposed to a background noise.

Acoustic treatment is therefore important for maintaining concentration and improving cognitive performance.

Make the most of your music or home theater

Acoustic treatment can also improve:

  • The quality of musical reproduction of its hi-fi system
  • The quality of his recording
  • The immersion in his films

An acoustic treatment will allow you to better manage all of the bad acoustic reflections for your restitution. You will thus have better management of all frequencies, which will facilitate immersion in your music or movies.

To decorate your room

Moreover reducing noise, acoustic treatment can also be used to decorate a room. So you can combine business with pleasure.

The interest of the “Mutum eco” customizable acoustic painting is to adapt the visual to its decoration. You can, therefore, give free rein to your imagination and your decorative desires.

To satisfy its customers

This mainly concerns cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Studies have shown that noise is a determining factor in the attendance and evaluation of an establishment. So :

  • Noise is the first complaint made by restaurant customers (“Top Restaurant Complaints and Worst Offenders” study)
  • 93% of restaurant customers declare that acoustic comfort is as important as a meal or service (HRF study)
  • 1/3 of customers do not return to a restaurant with a poor acoustics (ADEME study)

An acoustic painting with a innovative system of wall sound absorbing

Our acoustic panel contains a major innovation: its surface is completely absorbent! The industry standard being around 80% absorbent surface, this allows it to have very high performance for a wall acoustic panel.

The result of a year of research and development, this panel is patented. Its OEKO-TEX® fabric and its latex-based printing allow it to be completely ecological and to have a very high quality visual rendering.

The stages of an acoustic treatment

At PYT Audio, the acoustic treatment is organized in 2 steps:

  1. A study phase
  2. A phase of works

The study phase

The diagnosis

First, we will carry out an acoustic diagnosis of your room.

We will therefore seek to better understand its reverberation time through the elements that compose it: number of m², decoration elements, wall structure, etc.

In this phase, we will clearly explain to you how your room works acoustically.

The recommendations

Based on this diagnosis, we will advise you an acoustic treatment adapted to your needs. If you are a professional, acoustic standards related to your sector of activity must sometimes be reached.

If you opt for an acoustic study in “ray tracing”, we will offer you different acoustic simulations depending on the number of panels chosen and their locations. The goal is to offer you the best solution.

The works phase

The work phase consists of installing the previously recommended acoustic products.

Our solutions are simple to install. They work with a magnet fixing system. You have two possibilities:

  1. Perform the installation on your own
  2. Call on our technicians to carry out the installation