Acoustic panels eco-responsible and bio-sourced with passion

At PYT Audio, we design acoustic panels with passion. We strive to uphold values ​​that are deeply rooted in the company. We believe that it is fundamental for a company to have a societal commitment to preserve our planet and to have a constant requirement for our customers.

Our values

Environment’s respect

We are concerned about the environment as evidenced by the numerous R&D tests that we carry out to use the most efficient products possible while respecting the environment.
We know that the major challenges of tomorrow must are being addressed today.


We are constantly striving for perfection. We strive to offer the best to our customers, that’s why we do our best every day to come up with unbeatable solutions.
We want to offer you unique products that fully meet your needs with unrivaled acoustic quality.

Customer satisfaction

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers.

As such, we are very attentive to their needs, their constraints and their objectives in order to always offer them the best acoustic solution.

We design our products in such a way that, beyond their performance, they are also the most durable and the most aesthetically integrated into a living space.

This is undoubtedly what allows us to obtain distinctions from the press specializing in acoustics.


We are constantly seeking to innovate in order to offer you ever more efficient products adapted to your needs. We are thus in constant contact with our talents and our customers.

Taking initiatives and questioning ourselves is in our DNA. We always strive to outdo ourselves through our ability to innovate.

Our commitments

An environmental commitment and a proximity policy

We have packaging that meets the FSC criteria and partners with PEFC certification. Our packaging is therefore designed with suppliers who guarantee sustainable forest management.

In addition, our products also do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Likewise, we supply ourselves locally as much as possible, all by playing on the collaborative economy.

Finally, we have join local associations

A social commitment

We also want to make the world of tomorrow a better place by committing to solving important current problems.

We thus support an association which tries to settle the problems related to noise.

We are also members of a charter which promotes eco-responsible initiatives.

An eco-responsible production method and bio-sourced acoustic panels

Our production process is totally thought out to have the lowest environmental impact. Indeed, we only use artisanal and manual methods to limit our energy consumption as much as possible.

Likewise, we manufacture fully bio-sourced acoustic panels.