Aesthetic acoustic panels for individuals and professionals

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Decorative acoustic panels for individuals and professionals

We design decorative acoustic panels for individuals and professionals.

We stand out for the ecological side of our acoustic solutions, their ease of integration and their high acoustic properties!

Acoustic panels for individuals buyer

Acoustic panels for hi-fi and music

Panneau acoustique pour la hi-fi et la musique

We offer a range of acoustic panels and diffusers dedicated to hi-fi and listening to music.

Our SMAD absorbents and our SPAD diffusers will allow you a total immersion in your music. The listening quality will be considerably improved.

These products will allow you to obtain a stable, wide and deep soundstage, and better precision over the entire frequency spectrum.

This range is also ideal for sound recording for a home studio.

Acoustic panels to fight against resonance

We also offer a range of acoustic products dedicated to the fight against resonances in your interior.

These products can be personalized or suspended. They are designed to be as decorative as possible and are easy to install, while respecting your wall and / or ceiling.

Likewise, they respect your health because they do not emit VOCs. They are also fully bio-sourced.

They are ideal if your house is built with reverberant materials (plasterboard, bay window, …) and if you have a high ceiling height.

Panneaux acoustiques décoratifs contre les résonances

Acoustic panels for professionals

Acoustic panels for restaurants, open spaces and all other professionals

Traitement acoustique pour restaurant et ERP

Noise is a serious problem in our society today. Studies have shown that it would cost several billion euros per year in terms of lost productivity and sick leave. It is in particular for this reason that there are rules to respect in terms of noise for companies that receive public.

Carrying out an acoustic treatment is thus taking care of the health of its employees over the long term. It also helps optimize their performance.

Studies have also shown that acoustic treatment is important for:

  1. The student concentration and cognitive performance
  2. The choice of a restaurant and its appreciation by a customer

Our range of acoustic panels for professionals will allow you to respond to these different problems.