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The article 6moons is also written by Joel Chevassus. It has the same ins and outs as the article in “Audiophile Magazine“.

This article is, however, translated into an English version.

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Learn more about 6Moons and its editor, Srajan

6Moons magazine is a highly recognized audiophile source written in English. Its slogan perfectly illustrates its positioning “For audiophiles and music lovers who love to read“. 6moons was launched in June 2002 by Srajan.

A passionate editor: getting to know Dhyan Srajan better

Its editor is Srajan. He worked for four years in an audio store and art gallery in California. He then spent five years as U.S. sales manager for the hi-fi division of Mesa Boogie. A few years later, he also held the same position at Meadowlark Audio and Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company.

Srajan began his editorial career in July 1999, when he submitted his first article to the magazine SoundStage. His popular column was called “Y-Files” and appeared monthly from July 1999 to October 2001. He also participated in the re-launch of GoodSound! an issue of SoundStage Affiliate dedicated to affordable equipment. He also launched a second column entitled Earmarked!

Following this first experience as an editor at SoundStage, Srajan returned to Soliloquy in November 2001 as webmaster and technical editor. At the same time, he joined the team of the website “EnjoyTheMusic.com” with two new columns :

  1. Earwax: a continuation of the Y-Files column
  2. Global Caravan: a musical chronicle

It is as a result of these different experiences that the magazine 6Moons was born.