Acoustic treatment of a Hifi room

How to treat his HiFi room to get an optimized acoustic correction?

Basis for the acoustic treatment of a Hifi room: an inert room

Basis of a successful acoustic is obviously the initial choice of your listening room. Our acoustic panels, which will allow an acoustic treatment of your Hifi room, will reinforce the properties of your room.

Ideal is to choose a dedicated room with proportions adapted to your speakers. This piece should ideally consist of inert materials (stone, fermacell, etc.) to return the energy that will be controlled later with our acoustic solutions.

An open room, with many glazed surfaces, plasterboard walls and tiling, will have defects inherent in the materials and their weaknesses that impose certain concessions.

Empirical method of acoustic correction in Hifi

Empirical method is to treat a listening room, trusting his ears.

We will try to improve the different sources of problems in a pyramidal way to gradually achieve the desired result. Thus, we will be able to determine the areas to be treated in priority, but also find the right ratio between absorption and diffusion.

On order in priority

  1. To determine the zones of primary reflections and to treat
  2. Bring Realism and Body with Targeted Diffusion Zones
  3. Optimize the result

1- Absorption

Correcteur de pièce Hifi : l'absorption

At the beginning we are in this situation…

No acoustic treatment. Eventually furniture at the primary reflection points that can help a little …

But the speakers’s sound isn’t high fidelity. He is a little aggressive. The sound stage is not precise or even really existent. The result is rough overall.

Correcteur de pièce Hifi : l'absorption après traitement

The absorbent panel is the No. 1 tool for acoustic treatment.

Therefore, with some panels used at the points of primary reflections, we will be able to significantly improve the whole of the restitution. The improvement is felt even if the panels are not “exactly in the right place”.

The perceived sound will be as calm, the tones will be more accurate, the registers will be more coherent and the sound scene will be more “palpable”.

FINALLY, we will begin to hear holographically the music.

To locate these famous primary reflections in a very simple way: take a mirror, and a person to help you.

From your listening position, make sure the mirror reflects the high midrange speakers from your speakers.

So ask your friend to take the mirror, put it on the wall, and move it until you can see the speakers in it.

Then treat the area in question with 4 to 6 panels.

Acoustic foams are another treatment option. Also be aware that acoustic panels are available. At PYT Audio, we offer in particular a customizable and ecological acoustic panel “MUTUM Eco”.

2 -Diffusion

Pièce hifi avec traitement acoustique

The diffusing panel arrives after the absorbing panel, it optimizes the overall acoustic performance.

The diffusing panel makes it possible to energize listening, to make it more alive and real. Acoustic diffusers therefore have a significant interest for your listening.

This translates into natural, dynamic, airy listening with a more precise and realistic soundstage. The performers stand before you as if you were in the front row of a private concert!

These panels are placed in the area behind the speakers, ideally in the center to generate an even more convincing sound scene.

3- Optimization: reinforcement of acoustic, bass trap and ceiling

Panneau acoustique dans salle Hifi

In this optimization step, we try to obtain the final adjustments that make all the difference between good acoustics and exceptional acoustics.

We will therefore try to repeat the previous operations in a first step.

If possible, we will try to treat the secondary reflections. In order to identify these, we must proceed as with the primary reflections.

Simply, they are generally located slightly behind the listening area (on our example, at the level of the two doors on the left, and on the entrance of the kitchen on the right).

Then, in the same way we will try to diffuse more in the first third of the “enclosure” area, with panels to control the flow of vents and flutter echos.

Finally, if the bass is a little redundant or too present, we can place bass traps in the corners behind the speakers.

Then, a final optimization is possible: the treatment of the ceiling.

For the latter, SPAD LPs should be placed in the entire area between the listener and the speakers.

The ceiling treatment will give you the feeling of a larger room, with a richer and more natural sound.

How many acoustic panels to buy for an optimal acoustic hifi treatment?

All this is a matter of taste and aesthetic considerations.

The images above give you an idea of ​​the quantity to use to obtain good compromises.

We are here in an open room of 35m². All proportions are preserved. So, you can draw inspiration from the quantities used at each step according to your objective and your constraints.

We obviously offer a personalized follow-up to allow you to choose aesthetically acceptable solutions for you.