Acoustic treatment and panel for office and open space

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Acoustic treatment and panel for office and open space

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Acoustic treatment of an open space and professional offices has today become an essential element for the well-being and performance of its employees.

Acoustic panels in the office and in open space to improve the performance of its employees

Good noise management promotes employee engagement and performance. This observation has been proven by various studies all over the world.

Beyond playing on motivation, acoustic treatment will also have an impact on the cognitive performance of its employees. Good acoustics will allow its employees to have better concentration and to be more efficient and more fulfilled.

Noise would generate much billion euros in productivity loss annually in the world. Likewise, 20% of working people lose more than 30 minutes of work due to noise.

Acoustic treatment for the well-being of its employees

Certain organizations regularly carry out studies to assess the impact of noise on the health of employees.

Thus, we know that noise is responsible for many occupational diseases. It plays on mood and promotes stress, hearing loss and sleep disturbances in particular.

Beyond these problems, poor noise management promotes turnover of employees, gives a bad image of the company and can lead to communication problems.

What are the stages of an acoustic treatment for office and open space?

The acoustic treatment of professional offices will be organized in 3 stages:

  1. A diagnostic phase
  2. A phase of recommendations
  3. A phase of works

Acoustic diagnosis of an open space

The acoustic treatment of this type of professional space will require a standardized result. Thus, it is necessary to reach a precise reverberation time.

Many parameters will influence this reverberation time:

  • The size and shape of the room
  • Decorative elements
  • Wall and ceiling structure
  • The number of noise emission points (including the number of people)

In this type of environment, the vocal frequencies will be the most important to treat to obtain a good sound comfort.

With our types of acoustic studies, you will have a complete diagnosis of reverberation and its behavior in your premises.

Acoustic recommendations for offices

Based on this diagnosis, we will recommend an acoustic treatment to perform.

If you opt for a ray tracing type acoustic study, we will offer you different simulations in order to choose the solution most in line with your needs.

At PYT Audio, we make every effort to ensure that the solutions are as discreet and as aesthetic as possible.

The works phase

This phase consists of installing the acoustic equipment recommended during the previous phase.

The duration of the work will vary depending on the space to be treated.

Generally, it’s rarely more than a day. Thus, it does not impact the daily life of your business.

Which acoustic panels to choose for your offices?

Choosing an acoustic treatment is always complicated: the market is relatively opaque and product performance is not always certified. So we have created a tutorial to better understand how to choose your hanging and wall acoustic panels. By reading it, you will know the different elements to take into account in your choice of acoustic treatment.

Professional offices and open-space often being composed of open and bulky furniture, an acoustic treatment of the ceiling will often prove essential.

At PYT Audio, we have chosen to offer completely ecological acoustic panels. They can be customized to better represent the values ​​of your business. Their absorption coefficients are also certified by an approved body. The trade press also recommends our products.

Acoustic treatment and panel for office and open space