Panel and acoustic treatment in a kitchen

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Our client was bothered by the noise in his kitchen. Looking for a decorative solution, he opted for our acoustic panels.

A kitchen with acoustics to be optimized

Our client wanted to improve the acoustics of his kitchen. Indeed, there was an echo and a significant reverberation and this impacted his daily life. Consequently, our customer was not calm during convivial moments with his family.

He wanted to find a solution to his problem. Sensitive to local issues, he turned to our company.

Wishing to find an aesthetic solution in order not to distort the design of his room, he also asked us for advice concerning the decorative aspect of his project.

We therefore advised our client :

  1. Several White MUTUM Eco panels
  2. Several MUTUM Eco Printed panels
Acoustic treatment in a kitchen

Acoustic panels to improve the situation

Acoustic panel in a kitchen

Our client chose white panels for the ceiling so that they would remain relatively discreet. In addition, he also chose a printed panel in line with his values. This one specifying “Say No to Plastic – Stop Ocean Pollution”.

This is also in line with our philosophy and it was one of the reasons why our customer chose our products. We offer products that are designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact. Feel free to read our commitments to learn more about this.

Our customer was delighted with the visual and sound results. We are very happy to have accompanied him in his project and to have given him satisfaction. Here is his feedback on this service:

The acoustics in our kitchen have been greatly improved since the panels were installed. With its high ceiling, this room was often uncomfortable, especially when discussions were animated. Since the installation of the panels we have found a more muted and calming sound in our kitchen.