Aesthetic acoustic treatment of a restaurant

Aesthetic acoustic treatment of a restaurant
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A restaurant trusted us to improve its acoustic treatment. Back on this aesthetic and decorative project.

An essential acoustic treatment for a restaurant

The managers of this restaurant were well aware of the poor acoustics in the restaurant. What’s more, they were the first to complain about it. Indeed, this situation was problematic because of :

  1. The fatigue generated for the restaurant owners themselves
  2. Customer complaints
  3. The impossibility of speaking clearly to each other

This made it difficult for the servers to take orders as soon as a large enough group of people were present. To overcome this situation, temporary solutions had been found. The customers wrote their orders themselves on a piece of paper and left it with the servers.

Aesthetic acoustic treatment of a restaurant

The choice of a wall and suspended acoustic treatment

Suspended acoustic treatment in a restaurant

The play had 2 major problems:

  1. A relatively large volume
  2. A large bay window

It was therefore necessary to use a relatively consequent acoustic treatment. We therefore advised :

  1. A wall treatment using the MUTUM Luxury
  2. Several suspended acoustic panels

A significantly reduced RT60 and satisfied restorers

Our customers had chosen a before/after measurement to ensure them of the acoustic gain obtained. We therefore proceeded with the measurement with the help of one of our partners.

The gain was consequent with an RT60 lowered by more than 2! Our acoustic advice and products proved to be very important in this project.

Since the treatment, the customers of the restaurant have expressed their satisfaction. The managing couple is also very satisfied with this change. An inexpensive investment with an immediate gain!

To learn more about the benefits of an acoustic treatment for restaurants, please read our tutorial.

Acoustic treatment of a restaurant