Acoustic control of a living room: noise reduction

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Our customer wished to attenuate the noise felt in his living room. Located near our company and sensitive to the local, he called us for the acoustic control of his living room.

The acoustic control of a living room

Our customer wished to optimize the sound feeling in his living room. His room, composed of various bay windows, was not ideal from an acoustic point of view.

Aware of this problem, he wanted to solve it. As he had small children and regularly received guests, this was even more problematic for him.

Located near our company and sensitive to the local area, he contacted us for this project. We had a first telephone conversation with him in order to understand his project and his constraints.

After an acoustic diagnosis of his room, it turned out that the reverberation time of the latter was important on the whole frequency spectrum.

We therefore recommended 7 acoustic panels from our Luxe range to our client. These panels, which can be suspended, were the most suitable due to the various constraints of our client.

Acoustic realization of a living room

A well-felt noise reduction

Acoustic control of a living room

This acoustic project was carried out in two stages:

  1. Our client first purchased 3 panels to be sure of the quality of the products
  2. Then added 4 more to perfect the result

Here is the feedback from our client:

The installation of the panels was very easy. The fastening system is very practical.

The aesthetic rendering suits us, as well as the sound result.

We are satisfied.

We are delighted to have accompanied our client in his noise reduction project and to have given him satisfaction. The visual result is very interesting. It is a project we are very proud of.

Thank you to our client for his confidence and this beautiful testimony.