What to do to reduce the resonance of a room, absorb noise and suppress echoes?

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You want to reduce the resonance of your room? We present to you the different possibilities available to you :

  • Skillfully use decorative elements that can play on your acoustics
  • Use acoustic panels which are really thought out and optimized to solve your resonance problems

Reading this article, you will understand how to find calm and serenity at home. This article is for anyone with resonance problems:

  1. Individuals and professionals: who have problems hearing themselves heard intelligibly in their rooms or who are bothered by the echoes at their home or at work
  2. Audiophiles: who want to take full advantage of their HiFi system
  3. Musicians: who want to get one are very qualitative
  4. To owners of home cinema: who wish to optimize immersion in their films


The acoustic comfort of a room is an essential factor in everyday life. We already suffer daily from the noise of our environment. At work, in transport, in our sports club … There are many situations. This is even the case in restaurants when we are looking for a pleasant moment of relaxation.

All these daily attacks, linked to poor noise management, generate stress, significant fatigue and affect your health.

This is one of the reasons why there are laws that regulate noise at work.

Acoustic panel to fight against resonance
Acoustic panel to absorb noise

Enjoying better acoustic comfort at home therefore greatly improves the quality of life by enjoying a calm and restful environment.

So, acoustically treating your living room by absorbing noise to suppress echoes will really change your life!

With our decorative wall acoustic panels, make the choice to significantly improve your acoustic comfort! Our concept is simple to install. We answer all your questions for free. If you have any doubts, contact us to take advantage of our acoustic advice.

The decorative aspect is often an important element to take into account. So, as you can see in our photo, we offer customizable panels with print quality unrivaled on the market!

How to suppress echo and noise in your room?

The poor acoustic quality of a room is caused by many factors:

  • Smooth, parallel surfaces
  • A large volume of room
  • Precise building materials (plasterboard, tiles, etc.)
  • Elements that resonate: radiators, windows, ceramic objects

But also by elements favoring the absorption of echoes :

  • The furniture
  • Certain decorative elements
  • Decorative wall acoustic panels
  • Acoustic ceiling panels

How to soundproof a room that resonates?

What to do to absorb noise ?

The treatment of your acoustics is not always easy, but our acoustic solutions will allow you to obtain excellent results without a single effort. As we saw above, all smooth and parallel walls generate echo.

You can imagine that the sound wave is a billiard ball and your walls (and ceiling) the sides. The higher the sound wave, the longer it will bounce in a multitude of directions. You can find more information on this in one of our home studio soundproofing tutorials.

Explanation schema of reverberation time
Acoustic treatment to suppress echoes

Decorative acoustic panels absorb these waves so that they are immediately stopped.

Your furniture, on the other hand, will tend to break these waves, which helps to avoid part of the problem but without reducing ambient noise.

It is therefore essential to treat these reflective surfaces with absorbent acoustic panels. And, more particularly, wall acoustic panels. These products should be placed in the upper third of the room, where the furniture cannot affect your acoustics.

There is no point in treating a complete wall. On the contrary, it is preferable that the treatment is symmetrical so that the sound waves cannot “bounce”.

Do you have two perpendicular walls? Treat one of the two, simply! Do as in the image on the right!

Likewise, for an optimal result, you must choose a certain number of panels adapted to your room.

Schema of the best positioning of acoustic panels to reduce noise

Efficiency *: 4 panels for 10 m²

Efficiency ***: 8 panels for 10 m²

Efficiency ******: 12 panels per 10 m²

As each project is unique, our team strongly recommends that you contact us. You will benefit from personalized and free support.

How to improve acoustics by not paying too much?

Room without echo and harmful noise thanks to acoustic treatment

Wanting to soundproof a room while limiting its budget is completely normal and logical.

However, there is no miracle solution. If you have a very slight resonance problem, it may be that playing on the decorative elements (furniture, carpet, etc.) is sufficient. But, in the case of a larger echo, an acoustic treatment will prove to be essential.

At PYT Audio, we have done everything to ensure that you only pay for the quality of the product! Indeed, with our solutions, you will not need a technician:

  • For measurement
  • For installation of panels

You will therefore realize significant savings on these points.

Our commercial approach is therefore unique on the market. We advise you, on photos, with the plans of your room and the materials found there. Likewise, we support you throughout your project. We strive to achieve the goal you want.

This allowed us to obtain numerous articles in the trade press, as well as very good customer feedback.

Noise absorbed in a room using acoustic panels

How to stop the sound in a room and reduce noise: resonance and decoration

As previously mentioned, acoustic treatment products are ideal for stopping sound in a room. However, many products on the market have a poorly worked decorative appearance. This can be a real impediment to using them. In addition, the installation system can also have a negative impact on the support and can be very problematic if you are a tenant or wish to resell your house or apartment.

Beyond the decorative aspect, be aware that some materials are subject to health concerns. This is the case of rock wool or glass wool which have been classified as “carcinogenic”. Use as an acoustic treatment is therefore not recommended. These materials are really intended for sound insulation. This is why none of our products contain them.

At PYT Audio, we have therefore chosen to offer products that are easy to use and decorative. They are therefore very easily integrated into your home.

Make your living room soundproof: make an anti-noise room for the cancellation of resonance and acoustic echoes

Acoustic treatment can concern professionals. This is what we explain in our tutorials on acoustic treatment in offices and on acoustic panels in restaurants.

However, acoustic treatment can also concern private individuals who wish to improve the sound quality of their living room. It is then necessary to carry out a treatment in order to obtain an anti-noise room. This is the role of the panels which allow a cancellation of resonances and acoustic echoes.

How to improve the acoustics of your resonant living room?

In conclusion, we have therefore seen that we can do different things to improve the acoustics of your room.

You can, for exemple, change the place of certain decorative elements in your living room or put more. In this second case, favor products with absorbent properties. Unfortunately, this is often done at the expense of your decoration.

There are more effective solutions. These are acoustic panels. These have far superior acoustic properties. In fact, they are specially designed to absorb noise. However, very often, their integration into an interior is difficult because of their very large thickness. We have therefore created a unique product that combines:

  1. Thin thickness: between 0.9 and 3 cm
  2. High absorption quality: which will considerably improve your acoustics
  3. Ease of use: panels can be positioned without a technician
  4. Modularity: With Velcros, you can move them if you move
  5. A wide choice of colors: we offer more than 49 different colors to match your interior
  6. An ecological approach: with totally eco-friendly panels