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The magazine Sono Mag, which specializes in sound and lighting, also mentioned our products in a news item in its magazine.

The article dates from July 2019.

Get to know SonoMag better

Sonomag is a monthly paper magazine created more than 40 years ago. The magazine is designed for and by sound and lighting professionals. More specifically, it is aimed at sound engineers, lighting designers, DJs, or any professional in the entertainment world. To date, more than 460 issues have been printed by the magazine and its publisher SONO MEDIA.

Through reports and equipment test benches, the magazine and its “Realisa Son” section share the latest news from the entertainment sector, as well as its favourites. In addition to these subjects, this magazine also talks about technique in order to learn more about numerous subjects (sound recording, cabling, etc.) via tutorials. It also covers the entertainment industry and has partnerships with numerous schools in this field (INA, ALIVE SCHOOL, AFOMAV, LC FORMATION, etc.). The team is made up of nearly twenty personalities from the world of audio such as :

  • Aurore Bouit and Thierry Brugier: in charge of the audio loudspeaker test benches
  • Fabrice Chantôme: he is in charge of the installation, studio and broadcast test benches and of technological watch
  • Matthieu Speck: writes test benches on HF audio systems
  • Gisèle Clark: in charge of tests on sound, installations and music studios via reports and technology watch.
  • David Duriez: deals with tests, news and reports on the subject “DJ Producer”
  • Franck Ernould: in charge of reports and audio tests, tutorials and technology watch
  • François Guillet: for the light and video test benches, technology watch and reports
  • Cédric Huet: takes care of sound reports and tests
  • Frédéric Loria: carries out maintenance and preventive maintenance tutorials
  • Éric Moutot: writes news, reports, tutorials, technology watch and sound test benches
  • Patrick Tuchais: realises electronic audio test benches
  • Emily Tuil: in charge of coordinating the editorial team