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Matej Isak honored us with an article exclusively dedicated to our acoustic solutions.

In it, he highlighted our Reference panels in exclusive version with a beautiful white color.

For him no doubt… PYT audio is THE reference in home acoustic treatment. Discretion but above all efficiency and simplicity!

More about Mono & Stereo

The website Mono & Stereo is a reference online magazine for lovers of high-fidelity and music. It is managed by its editor-in-chief, Matej Isak, for more than 20 years in the world of professional audio. Two other people are also part of the team:

  1. Ron Resnick : after having been in charge of a hedge fund, he has refocused on his passion, the audio
  2. Richard H.Mak : audiophile since his teenage years. For him, music should bring people together. His role as an editor allows him to achieve his goal by sharing his favorites.

The name of the magazine refers to stereo and Mono speakers. The former operate in pairs, while the latter operate individually. These are therefore terms of reference in high-fidelity. The magazine offers news on the world of hi-fi, particularly through product tests. The magazine does not aim to offer only very high-end equipment, its goal is also to discover interesting brands to improve your hi-fi system. The headquarters are located in Slovenia and Matej takes great pleasure in trying out new equipment and sharing it with its readers. His experience allows him to have many contacts and thus to test many different products. If you don’t know the site, we really invite you to take a look around! You should also know that Matej regularly publishes videos on his YouTube channel and shares his news on his Facebook group “MONO and STEREO high end magazine”.