Project for a dedicated hi-fi room

Our client wanted to create its own dedicated room.

She therefore created a custom-built room in order to accommodate an exceptional system. Aware of the difficulties, she entrusted us with the acoustic treatment of the room. The objective was to eliminate all harmful reflections.

We advised her a set of panels in order to eliminate primary and secondary reflections. But also to bring a sound scene to the measure of her system.

We thus chose a pack of diffusion composed of SPAD poly-cylindrical and low profile to be placed behind the speakers. In addition, we added absorbing panels on the lateral reflections and in a symmetrical way. We chose to treat the whole height of the room (2.20m) for performance reasons.

Today, the result is already very qualitative. In the interest of perfection, the project could still evolve by adding panels to the ceiling to provide an additional “height” sensation. Bass traps could also be placed in the corners to further tighten the bass.

panneau acoustique Hifi