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A high-end acoustic treatment project

PYT Audio performed the acoustic treatment of a high-end hi-fi store. Back on this project of optimization of a hi-fi room in a few pictures.

Our customer, passionate about high-fidelity, wanted to improve the sound comfort of one of its listening rooms. So we accompanied him with acoustic advice to optimize the audio quality of his room.

After some (magnificent) listening, we recommended a certain number of elements to our interlocutor.

Acoustic treatment for hi-fi rooms

Acoustic panels and diffusers

Acoustic treatment for hi-fi rooms

As it is customary in hi-fi rooms without compromise, we recommended an acoustic treatment based on acoustic diffusers and absorbent panels.

Of course, the acoustic treatment had to be part of the room’s decoration. Our client therefore opted for yellow and red products.

His choice of acoustic panels was very visual and very successful.

A very satisfactory acoustic result

Our client was very satisfied with the new sound rendering of his piece. This expert immediately felt the difference by ear.

Very happy with his investment, he is now a reseller of our brand. You can listen to our products in 2 of his listening rooms to get a better idea of our products.

A big thank you to him for this collaboration and this listening day.

High-end acoustic treatment