Decorative acoustic panels in a music room

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Our client wanted to optimize the acoustics of his music room. This room served as both a listening and recording room. He entrusted us with this project that was close to his heart.

Acoustic panels at the service of music

Our client, a musician and music lover, wanted to optimize the acoustics of his listening and recording room. This room, close to 10 m², was not optimized for listening and recording. Our client wanted to change this. So he turned to us and our advice for this project.

Although our client had a dedicated room, he wanted an aesthetic and non-intrusive solution. So he naturally turned to our printed MUTUM Eco panel.

He opted for a landscape that blends in perfectly with the rest of the decoration of his room. Similarly, he opted for a panel with generous dimensions.

Acoustic panels in a music room

A customer delighted with this acoustic gain

Music room with acoustic panels

Our client was delighted with the sound improvements provided by our acoustic panels. Here is his report and his feelings on the evolution of his listening thanks to our solutions.

I called upon the company PYT Audio, expert and qualified, because my room had a rather cold relief with echoes and reverberation. With the large-format solution of the acoustic panel, all the negative sensations of the room were driven away. The visual result is, moreover, really magnificent. In terms of performance, nothing to say: it does the job perfectly!

I strongly recommend for those who wish to find at home the details of each song that we know well and a pleasant and serene listening and recording comfort. »

We are very happy to have been able to bring satisfaction to our customer in his project. Do not hesitate to contact us if you too wish to equip yourself.