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Our client wanted to optimize the acoustics of its hifi system. To do so, he proceeded to a decorative acoustic correction.

An acoustic correction for a dedicated room

Passionate about music, our client had a dedicated listening room. He wished to carry out an acoustic correction in order to optimize his listening. Living close to our company, he contacted us in order to accompany him in this project.

After an acoustic study, allowing us to establish a precise diagnosis of his listening room, we advised him in order to manage the sound energy of his room as well as possible. As explained in our tutorial on acoustic treatment in hifi, the challenge of such a treatment is to optimize the sound rendering without stifling it.

Indeed, an acoustic treatment for a hifi room should not make lose the dynamic side of a music. The goal is to feel like in an opera house, under live conditions. An acoustic treatment will therefore allow to redesign the sound scene in order to perfect it.

Acoustic correction hifi

A high quality acoustic and visual result

Custom Acoustic Correction

In order to achieve this result, we advised our client to use sound absorbing panels and acoustic diffusers. These two types of products brought an uncompromising result and allowed a total immersion in listening.

Wishing to personalize a part of his products, he opted for a printed MUTUM Eco panel to complement the SMAD absorbent panels. Having a beautiful collection of CDs and vinyl, our client was able to rediscover his system through numerous listening sessions.

He was very satisfied with the quality of the products and their contribution to his listening. He was also very satisfied with the ease of implementation of these acoustic correction products. Finally, he also appreciated our reactivity and availability in our exchanges. We are very happy to have brought him satisfaction in this beautiful project.

A little more information about acoustic correction

We regularly write information about acoustic correction. Do not hesitate to consult our blog to find out more. In particular, we have written tutorials about :

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Do not hesitate to ask us for help with your hi-fi projects, our team will be very happy to accompany you.

Acoustic correction for hifi system