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Our client wanted to improve the acoustics of his living room. This room also being used as a listening room, he saw a double objective:

  • To improve the acoustic quality of his living room, especially during the reception of guests.
  • To have a better restitution of its favorite musics

He has, therefore, appealed to us in the framework of his project.

The desire to improve the acoustics of his room

As explained, our client being a music lover, he wanted to significantly improve the quality of the restitution of his favorite music. Owning very beautiful speakers, he knew that an acoustic treatment could allow him to get all the quintessence from them. Likewise, he knew that an acoustic treatment would allow him to have a quieter room when entertaining friends and family. So he saw a double interest:

  • A side pleasure
  • A practical side
Printed acoustic treatment

The choice of personalized acoustic panels

Customized acoustic panel in a living room

He therefore chose our personalized acoustic panels MUTUM Eco. He was thus able to choose the printing of his panel to match his decoration and his tastes. In particular, he opted for :

  • A photo of a skyscraper
  • A picture of an unknown universe
  • A photo of an idyllic landscape

Beyond this decorative aspect, the social commitment of our company with this range has also found favour with his eyes. Indeed, our MUTUM Eco range is made up of products assembled with recycled and recyclable materials. To complete this acoustic treatment, he also opted for a white MUTUM Eco panel. He liked the very discreet side of this panel.

A very impressive sound result

Our client was very happy with the sound change brought by our acoustic solutions. Their non-intrusive side was also an important point for him. As was the responsible side of our solutions. The various objectives were thus achieved:

  • The quality of sound reproduction has improved considerably.
  • The room is also less reverberant, and therefore calmer and more restful.

We would like to thank our client for this project and its trust.

Printed acoustic panel

The return of our client

Hi-fi room with diffusers and absorbent panels

Our customer gave us a very precise feedback on the quality of our products. Here is what he said:

  1. Finishing and visual rendering: very satisfactory
    • Good finish of all the panels, very simple fixings, easy to install.
    • Visual rendering of the printed panels: very good
    • Unprinted luxury fabric panel: very discreet and blends in well with the wall.
    • The set fits perfectly in my living room.
  2. Addition of the diffusing panels: very clear improvement
    • Improvement in clarity, detail, and note separation (less draft)
    • More precise focusing of voices and instruments
    • Tiered positioning of the sound scene
    • Faster and more vivid music rendering indeed

At the end of this treatment, I was very enthusiastic about the results.