Customized sound absorption panel in a living room

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Our client wanted to improve the sound of his living room. Concerned about keeping the aesthetics of his room, he opted for our customized sound absorption panels.

A living room with non-optimized acoustics

Our client wanted to optimize the acoustics of his living room which was not good enough. This lounge had, indeed, an important echo even if few people were present in the room. We therefore had to find a suitable solution that would preserve the aesthetics of the room.

After some research, our client turned to us because he greatly appreciated our concept and our expertise in the field of acoustic treatment. The various press articles about us and our customer feedback were also elements in his decision making.

He then contacted us explaining his project and its various constraints in terms of decoration and budget. In this context, he sent us some pictures of his room so that we could make the most accurate diagnosis possible. We then accompanied him with a personalized acoustic study to meet his needs.

Customized sound absorption panels

As explained, our client wanted products that were as decorative as possible. Our customizable MUTUM Eco panels were perfectly suited to his request. They are, moreover, totally ecological with 100% recycled and recyclable materials. In addition, our products are very thin which guarantees their discretion.

Our customer was very satisfied with the visual result, he confirmed to us that “It’s beautiful ?“. The discretion and the quality of the printing make us believe that it is a real painting. This without necessarily realizing its second function, which is to improve the acoustics.

We are very happy to have accompanied our customer in his project and to have given him satisfaction. If you too would like to equip yourself with customized sound absorption panels, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with tailor-made advice.

Customized sound absorption panel in a living room