Aesthetic, printed and customizable acoustic panels

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Our client, a telecommuter and music lover, wanted to optimize the sound of his room. Concerned about its environmental impact, he chose our customizable decorative acoustic panels.

Customizable and eco-friendly printed acoustic panels

Our company has just launched a new range of customizable and ecological acoustic products. It didn’t take long to find its customers. Here is our first achievement with these new products.

The principle of this range is to propose a product, at the same time :

  • Efficient
  • Aesthetics
  • Ecological
  • Easy to install

This latter was created with the support of the “Pays de la Loire” region and is based on the circular economy. It is thus made up of recycled and recyclable materials. All of this using local know-how. It includes in particular the panel printed MUTUM Eco for which our customer had a real crush.

Aesthetic and decorative acoustic panels

Wishing to treat a living room, our client was naturally looking for a decorative solution. Print was the ideal solution.

Moreover, our solution, with only 3 cm thickness, remained very discreet and aesthetic. He liked our concept and our approach very much.

Passionate about art, his choice was oriented towards prints similar to real masterpieces. He was very happy with the result, both in terms of sound and visuals. He was particularly impressed by the print quality of these soundproofing acoustic paintings.

Accustomed to working from home, he also recognized that the treatment of noise in a professional environment allowed him to be less stressed and less tired.

In conclusion, he considers the purchase of these acoustic panels as a very good investment.

Printed acoustic panel customizable in a living room