Acoustic treatment with ceiling height

Our client had a large reverberation due to its bay windows and high ceilings.

He therefore wanted to reduce the reverberation time sufficiently. This in an aesthetic way in order to be able to receive his guests without suffering from a too important sound level. Moreover, since the room was open to the kitchen and a mezzanine, the noise and reverberation level was disturbing for a pleasant community life.

We therefore proposed to work, first of all, on the walls with an adapted pack: the feng shui pack for a 40m² room.

Then, depending on the result, we considered breaking the ceiling height. Always in order to continue the noise reduction.

Our client wanted to work in an empirical way. He also favored the simplicity of implementation with the application of wall panels.

The result was very satisfying both from a performance and aesthetic point of view. Indeed, his friends congratulated our customer on his decoration, without knowing the role of the panels.

The decision to add panels to the ceiling is still pending in order to optimize the result in the future.

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