Acoustic optimization of a living room with hi-fi equipment

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Our customer wished to proceed to the acoustic optimization of his living room. Owning hi-fi equipment, he saw a double interest. Return on this project through various photographs.

Acoustic optimization of a living room

Our customer wanted to optimize the acoustics of his living room. This one, including various bay windows, was relatively reverberant.

Having hi-fi equipment and children, he saw a double interest in his optimization project:

  1. To make the most of his family meals
  2. To improve the reproduction of his hi-fi equipment

We therefore advised our client so that he could find a certain sound comfort to meet his 2 objectives.

Acoustic optimization of a living room

A decorative and customizable result

Customized acoustic optimization of a living room

Anxious to preserve the decoration of his room, our client chose :

  1. Our white MUTUM acoustic panels
  2. Our printed MUTUM acoustic panels

A ceiling treatment, based on veneered panels, was applied. In addition, personalized panels were added to the walls. This choice allowed us to meet our client’s objective of discretion in the best possible way.

The prints chosen represent a mountain and a dancer. They fit in perfectly with the overall decoration of the room. The result is indeed very aesthetic and suits our customer perfectly.

A very satisfied customer

Our client was delighted with the result. That’s what he told us when he sent us these pictures. Here are his words “We are very satisfied with the result“.

We are very proud to have helped our client in his acoustic optimization project for his living room. The visual result is very interesting and the acoustic performance is excellent. The white and printed acoustic panels have perfectly met our client’s objective of decorating his room while optimizing the acoustics.

If you also wish to proceed to an acoustic optimization, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Acoustic optimization for hi-fi equipment