A decorative acoustic treatment for offices and employees

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Our client wanted to improve the acoustics of its reception area and production area. He therefore carried out an acoustic treatment for his offices and employees.

A decorative and ecological acoustic treatment

Concerned about ecology, our customer opted for our printed MUTUM Eco range. This range is composed of bio-sourced, recycled and recyclable materials. It is also customizable. These 2 points convinced our customer to opt for these products.

Also concerned about the health of his employees, he wanted to improve their sound comfort during their working hours. Sensitive to working locally, after some research on the different possible solutions nearby, he contacted us for his project.

Acoustic treatment for offices

Acoustic treatment for offices and employees

Acoustic treatment of the reception room

Acoustic treatment is very important to combat stress and fatigue, especially in noisy environments. This is what we have explained in different articles in our blog about noise at work and acoustic treatment for offices.

Knowing this, our client wanted to improve the working conditions of all its staff. Thus, he corrected the acoustics of his production workshop, but also of his reception room. This in order to ensure the acoustic comfort of its partners.

A very satisfying visual and sound result

The result was up to our client’s expectations. The reverberation time was significantly reduced across the entire frequency spectrum, especially in the voice frequencies. This made the place much more matte and the voices more intelligible.

The employees were also very satisfied with these changes and with the way noise is taken into account in their daily lives. They are grateful for this initiative and for our work. For our part, we are also very happy with this result and this project.

Acoustic treatment for employee comfort